Pièces Détachées

Only Cable for Techdent's Flexible
(Code: CAB012)
Câble Seul our Flexible Techdent
15,00 €
Only Cable for Foredom's Flexible
(Code: CAB024)
Câble Seul pour Flexible Foredom
14,00 €
Charcoal for Flexible Shaft Motor Foredom / per pair
(Code: CHA013)
Charbon de Perçeuse Foredom  (La Paire)
11,00 €
Charcoal for Flexible Shaft Motor Techdent / per pair
(Code: CHA012)
Charbon de Perçeuse Techdent (La Paire)
10,00 €
holding clips with screw '' Techdent ''
(Code: CLI012)
Clip's + 2 Vis pour Levier de Slip TECHDENT
6,20 €
Rope for Flexible Shaft Motor Techdent
(Code: COR012)
Cordon Seul - Rhéostat pour Moteur Techdent
14,00 €
(Code: FLE024)
Flexible Complet de Perceuse Foredom Série SR
49,00 €
flexible cable / Techdent
(Code: FLE012)
Flexible Complet de Perceuse Techdent
144,00 €
flexible cable / Techdent
(Code: FLE014)
144,00 €
Shaft Adapter for Connecting Slip Joint Handpiece to Key Tip Shafting
(Code: MAN020)
Manchon Slip Court Adaptation Flexible USA HP770
59,00 €
rhodium extra white - 2 Gr - ready to use / 1 L
(Code: RHE012)
Rhéostat, Pédale pour Perceuse Techdent
60,00 €